Paraforms Limited was established to serve the increasing demand in BIM leadership. There is much hype about BIM out there but doers are few and far in between. Unfortunately BIM cannot be bought in a box. I am a Structural Technician by trade and have been modelling since 1997, most of what I say is based on my experience. I provide independent BIM adoption consultancy including:  advice, training, modelling, content creation, business development, strategy and support. I operate by keeping everything simple because BIM adds another layer of complexity to our already complex industry. My approach is based on the following themes:

You will know the purpose, responsibilities, timelines, cost and predicted outcomes in advance. I communicate well because you need to know the details as well as the overall picture.

BIM is greater than an individual, a company or even a project. We need to understand where information is coming from, how it's created and where it's going.

Working to established norms and standards enables a shallow learning curve, compatibility and managed expectations. Let's not re-invent the wheel.

Unmanaged BIM spirals out of control in short order. It takes effort to keep it simple and focused, so that the next custodian has a chance with it.

There are untold layers of interest and approaches when it comes to BIM. Without understanding the ecosystem surrounding a project, you are probing in the dark. Know and let known.

It is always worth spending time to understand the required outcomes. This enables us not to run well, but to run in the right direction.

No-one likes nasty surprises; especially when it comes to costs. I aim to give early warning of them whether they are time, efficiency or financial costs to your business.

Your BIM adoption will have many mishaps and blind avenues. I am here to see them before they occur and help you prepare for their eventuality.


Why choose an independent contractor?

Flexibility is the key differentiator between traditional re-sellers and independent consultants. Significantly reduced bureaucracy allows me to meet your schedule. This often involves working late, extended hours and even at weekends because I personally depend on your satisfaction.  I have a network of experts who can help me with larger assignments.

Speed is on the side of the independent.  There are no support tickets, no waiting in queue and no messages lost.  My response times can only be matched by direct employees. I am also able to scale up in short notice and answer queries immediately. My contracts are based on trust and there are no small print surprises.

Price is always critical. I have no tiers of management or shareholders to pay thus the costs are kept lower than those of big firms. In return you always receive the same high level specialist service and expertise. I do not sell software and do not promote other products and services. Longer term engagements also attract significant discounts.

Quality is often overestimated when employing large firms. Speaking from experience you'll have to work your way through automated systems through to junior and mid level technical support before you reach the one expert who can answer your specific query.  With me it's a single call or email.

Erol Eruran, Adept Consulting Engineers

We engaged Balazs’ services at the beginning of our BIM journey in 2011. Since that time Adept Consulting Engineers has become one of the leading Structural Engineering Practices with BRE certified Level 2 BIM Business Systems. Balazs has facilitated the majority of this transformation through his knowledge, dedication, passion and enthusiasm. His services have been invaluable in change management, training and the development of our processes. His approach is professional, client focused and not least he likes a good challenge.

Mark Magill, Creagh Concrete Products

We employed Balazs to assist us in developing our BIM capability and Revit skills in December 2015. He has been and continues to be an excellent partner to Creagh. Balazs has focused on improvements within our business while steadily increasing our level of  BIM maturity. He began working closely with our design and detailing team and this has now expanded to include our sales & estimating, production, planning and site & contracts teams. Balazs is helping us to establish processes that foster greater collaboration across the various teams within the company and satisfy the requirements of BIM Level 2.

David Richardson, University of Leeds


Balazs worked 11 years for me while I was technical director in a major engineering consultancy. During this period he had the foresight to immerse himself in BIM/Revit such that now he is a leading authority on the subject. He eventually set up his own BIM consultancy. For the last 4 years, while I have been a senior teaching fellow, I have engaged Balazs's services to provide BIM support on undergraduate modules. Throughout the 15 years I have known Balazs he has always produced top quality work which he carries out with passion and enthusiasm.

Johnathan Munkley, WYG Engineering


Balazs' knowledge and understanding of industry and the BIM environment have been fundamental to the success of the  BIM Level 2 within WYG.  He has extensive knowledge of the technologies and processes that underpin the government mandate.  Balazs will always bring significant value, transparency and honesty to all businesses and teams he works with.

David Roe, Building Link Design


Having seen the work undertaken at his other clients, we were keen to work with Balazs at Paraforms to assist us with our own transition to Revit software. His approach has been specifically tailored to our needs; he has worked with staff at all levels to offer technical software training and assist us with the development of necessary procedures to offer BIM capability within our business. Our staff have felt empowered to take on aspects of the transition and they are working together to peer train off the back of Balazs’s teachings. We are successfully running projects utilising Revit Software and I am excited to see our business transition and navigate the challenges of BIM.