I offer the following services as a general guide. They are mostly focused on structure, but the concepts of BIM adoption are the same to all fields within the construction industry. Ultimately BIM is a tool to deliver better products to our clients, while allowing us to make our own lives just a little easier. Every organisation has different needs and requirements, please call to discuss yours.

BIM Implementation

Provision of detailed advice for BIM adoption from the technological core through to organisational culture. This may include software & hardware advice, workflow and process development, documentation, optimisation and management. At the heart of my approach are change management principles. With my involvement you'll be doing BIM not because of external pressures but for your own benefits in efficiency, performance and predictability amongst many others.

Revit training

I take a different approach to training because I know that conventional methods deliver too much information in too short a time. As soon as you've learnt something the process of forgetting begins. The single approach that has always worked is learning by doing. My training will focus on live projects on a practical need to know basis, while constantly reiterating the fundamentals. As a result you will not know everything about Revit, but will be able to ask the right questions.


Design and production automation especially in BIM workflows. Elimination of labour intensive tasks by software programming and development of bespoke solutions that are not available commercially.  Finding yourself repeating the same work pattern day in and day out?  With a one off cost, long term efficiency is designed into the system and operatives are spared the monotony.  

RC detailing
(Revit 3D)

Today Revit is more than capable of efficiently producing fully detailed three dimensional reinforcement. These models are not only accurate, but parametrically report bends, quantities, phases and whatever other data point is required of them. Automatic bending schedules are also produced to established standards. The deliverables will look and feel as they always have done, but also include the 3D model.

Point cloud modelling

There is increasing demand for legacy data. Dimensional accuracy of in-situ conditions cannot be measured more accurately than with a modern laser scanner. I have significant experience in creating models from laser scans in Revit and other formats for seamless re-use. As with general modelling we'll agree scope, levels of detail, levels of information, timelines and cost before I turn up on site with the scanner.

Structural modelling

If a structure can be built, it certainly can be modelled. Keeping a model organised, efficient and transparent requires a level of management skill. This is especialy true for very large projects, where the key to succes is managing complexity. I have built and managed many structural components and models that are simple and meaningful not only for the client but for downstream re-use. At every modelling agreement you'll be aware of the level of detail, level of information, timelines and cost.

I offer continued support for all my clients using a variety of media. Whatever is your stumbling block I aim to respond within the next working day, although the usual response time is much shorter.