Dual capable

Revit is not only good at modelling the widest range of buildings, elements and information, but is also efficient at creating traditional, dare I say good looking, documentation. It strikes this balance so well that the commanding market share of the application can largely be attributed to this trait. There is no guessing of what various deliverables will look like. With Revit what you see on screen is what you get on paper. And by the way, yes paper is here to stay for a little while longer.


Revit talks to a wide range of applications. Long time users complain about IFC export, CoBIE etc. These areas have been greatly improved recently.


Revit can do small house extensions as efficiently as the largest developments the world has seen. Providing access to multiple simultaneous users, even continents apart offers scalability and speed.

Good structural coverage:

Image abridged from The Building Coder

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